Any way to mirror a playing show to two nodes?

Sounds like a narrow use, but there is a lot of creativity in this group, so thought I would ask.  I have a home office close to our upstairs loft.  The loft is our “media room” with the Tablo unit plus a nice plasma TV with wired network to the Roku 3.  When I am at my desk my back is to the TV.  I have a desk PC plus a notebook where I work; I use the desk PC constantly, and the notebook is open so that I can watch TV, mostly sports, while I am working.  OK, call me a workaholic, but in the evening it would be great if my wife could watch something in the loft and I could mirror it to my notebook so that I am watching the same show with sync’d sound at the same time.  Is there some way to cast the loft to the notebook?  Any use for the Roku Android app here?  I think there may be a way to do this, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to figure it out.

Thought I had it: Chromecast from the notebook to the plasma TV with a Chromecast unit installed.  The notebook (Chrome; Tablo web app) says it is casting, which it does briefly but the notebook display is not showing the show, just “Playing.”  But then after a few seconds the show is playing on the notebook but the Chromecast unit on the TV is not, it is in waiting mode.  Is there some setting to both view a source and cast at the same time?

Alternatively, can the notebook with Chromecast app installed be set up as a castable node?

Is there a reason you don’t want to have your wife watch the show on the Roku while you watch it on your laptop (via Chrome) at the same time?   That seems to be the easiest solution.   You can certainly both watch the same show at the same time.

Did that once, but it was a pain.  Had to coordinate starting to be reasonably in sync, then if there was some need to pause or “what did they say” and jump back a few seconds it would have to be resynced all over again, plus she had to keep her sound down or it was confusing to me because I either turned my sound off and the sound was not in sync or I hear to sound tracks.  The Chromecast documentation says it is supposed to mirror what comes from the PC, but it seems to be either or, not really a mirror.  The Chromecast Android app really is a mirror, but I need to do it from my PC not my phone.

Got it working.  It takes two casts.  I run the web app and cast it.  It initially shows up on the remote TV, then back to the notebook and the Chromecast/TV is wait mode.  Then just cast a second time, and now the PC screen is mirrored on the TV.  So working exactly as I wanted.  It would be cooler if a Chrome notebook could be a “logical Chromecast unit” and be able to cast to both the Chromecast and the notebook, then the phone could be the controller.  But this works just fine.