Any way to kill "looping" upon poor signal reception

When one of my channels apparently has poor reception, the Tablo will go into a loop, showing the same 15 - 20 seconds of so of video over and over until the reception gets better or I reboot the Tablo.   I am sure the developers added this feature to insure that viewers do not miss part of what they are watching, but it can get quite aggravating at times. I don’t suppose there is a way to turn this feature off? If not, it should be added in a future update.


Do you get this with live tv?  What device are you using when this happens?

Have you tried to improve your reception?  The first step is to experiment with better antenna placement.

This happens with a weak antenna signal on live tv. My Tablo is wired to an internet connection with 23Mbs speed. No way to end the loop until reception improves. It is only an issue on a station with a weak signal (I don’t care about that station and everything else works great). I simply point this out so it can be improved for others. The “loop” only stops upon a reboot or when the signal improves. Chaning stations, getting out of Tablo etc. doesn’t help.

This happens with live TV via Tablo via Roku.  I recognize antenna placement could be optimized further, but it still would be nice to turn this feature off rather than getting up and fiddling with the antenna to optimize it for each channel that I watch.

And to clarify, this only happens when it is rainy/windy, does not happen all the time, therefore the desire to turn it off for the occasional annoyances.

Definitely sounds rather annoying.  I have a channel with poor reception but haven’t seen this behaviour on the ipad or html app, so this must be a Roku player “feature” (aka bug in the Roku).  :( 

@lewit57 Just echoing @Mark - this certainly isn’t a feature built into the Tablo’s video to ensure no video is lost. We’ve heard of this before, but we’ve so far been unable to reproduce it in our testing.

If this crops up for you often, let me know and we can set up a remote session to do some testing with your Tablo.

I will keep that in mind. Unfortunately it occurs with ‘bad’ weather which would make it difficult to predict ahead of time. I am planning to relocate my antenna after it warms up some, and hopefully that will resolve the issue. If this is a Roku ‘feature’ then they need to delete it.

I don’t think it’s a Roku feature. It has to be how the Tablo is processing an intermittent signal. Get Tablo to look at your logs after it happens next.

Funny, this happens to me too, but I don’t think its connected to a weak antenna signal. It seems like a small glitch in the Roku app. It seems (I haven’t done a lot of testing) to happen on Live TV and only if I remind and then fastforward to Live TV. When I get to the Live stream I can some times get this glitch. Usually rewinding or fastforwarding over the trouble spotresolves the issue. I’ve never had to reboot the Tablo for this. 

I have had something like this happen to me three times now. 

I have a 4-tuner Tablo and one particular TV channel that gives me trouble mostly later in the evenings.  in fact it just happened last night about 10:15PM.

When I try to watch that channel live it will pixelate quite a bit and part of the time it will loop back and replay the pixelated portion repeatedly and if I let this go on for a few times the Tablo will popup with a weak signal error and after that happens I cannot tune to any live channel without getting the weak signal error plus any recordings that were going at that that time quite recording and the only way to fix it is to reboot the Tablo.

It would be great if there was a way to fix this since I have to be careful about trying to watch that one weak channel.

It happened to me this morning between 6:00 - 6:50 when I was watching 36-1 - the local NBC station and usually 5 green lights.  I changed to 24-4 Justice Network and no problems.  I was just waiting for my ride to show up. Found a new show to record. @TabloSupport - can you look at my logs and see if you see anything?


Do you have signal issues with this channel?

Was there any weather issues that could make the signal poor?

Weather was nice this weekend, so moved the antenna from second floor window up into attic and lined it up with the offending TV station.  Reception so far is good, but will have to wait for windy/rainy day again to verify that the reception is solid and that the looping by the Roku is resolved.

@lewit57 @beastman After some testing, we’ve identified the looping behaviour as a Roku video player bug, which makes it a little more difficult to solve. 

If the reception plummets mid-stream, other devices will stop the player and bring you to the previous menu. The Roku will instead loop the last segment or two that it has received. We’re gonna dive deeper on this - thanks for all the details (and logs, to those who submitted them).

FYI - moving the antenna and realigning took care of the pixelation and looping on rainy and windy days (so far).

This happens to us all the time. What do you need to be able to do a remote session?

@wantatablo As noted above, this is actually an issue rooted in two things: A Roku player bug (which we hope they’ll address) and at its core, a reception issue. By improving reception you can avoid this entirely.

So who wrote the Tablo app on Roku? How can I find out if or when that will be fixed?