Any way to block posts/users?

I’ve been seeing and have been fooled by a bunch of old - like a year - posts reappearing and was wondering if, for my own sanity, I can block certain posts so they don’t appear at the top of my list with info that is either irrelevant or just outdated? I see that “Old thread” has been added to some but it would sure be nice to not rehash old and outdated info.

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One way would be to disallow posting to a thread where the last post was X months old. Then the thread would not appear revived and “current.” Some forums follow this rule.

BTW it’s occurred to me what PhilSoft has been doing with the “xxx” stuff. He’s re-editing older posts (which has the effect of reviving older threads) and obliterating them with x’s. Is he removing his presence from this forum?


I like that idea! I thought I saw a while back (and it may have a completely different forum) that you could block certain users’ posts from appearing in ‘your’ list. But a time limit would work too.

At one radio forum, discussing HD Radio, a user replied to a 6 year old thread that had been dormant for 5 years!

And therein lies the problem: I’ll start reading what I think is a current topic only to get 5 minutes in and find that they’re referring to firmware or a problem that is long gone! I guess I’ll have to be more vigilant when looking at the OP date.

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Exactly - you think here is a new problem and half way through you realize that it’s been solved.

Perhaps another way would be to hi-light the date of the post in the upper right hand corner in another color to indicate that it’s an older post (i.e. greater than 3 months or so).

You can block users (and I have) by going into your profile. When I get home I will do it from the computer and make screen images of the screens.

Sure has made me feel better. I think you also miss any reply to blocked person.

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I have notified one particular user not to bump old threads, and I am the one that has been adding the (old thread) part to the titles.

Hopefully the people here will avoid bumping threads many months old from now on.


Isn’t there a way of locking threads so they cannot be bumped? On some forums older threads can be viewed for historical reasons but not added to. There a moderator can lock threads.

Ok, found it at the very bottom of the prefs page under ‘Mute Users’. Thanks beastman.

not going to post pics then, to save space - unless there is interest.

There might be, but my powers as moderator are extremely limited. I can change thread titles, and I can get spam posts removed quickly, but that’s about it.

The Tablo folks that run this board may be able to investigate. But the best solution of all is to have the people here just not bump old threads.


@snowcat - Do you know what is up with philsoft’s posts? Old threads where he posted are showing up in my new posts stream (without any new posts/content), and they all have nonsense xxx text (as well as the wonderful shirtless profile pic).
Are there any decorum rules?

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It appears he’s editing old posts replacing text with x’s as if to remove his presence from the forum. Or else his keyboard is malfunctioning…

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I have no idea what he is doing with his posts, but I am pretty sure he is doing it himself.

I’m going to see if I can lock down posts older than 1 year automatically. Stay tuned.

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Well, it’s not working. I muted a user and I’m still seeing their posts. Tried clearing history and cache and undoing and redoing the mute and still no happiness. FWIW, every edit I’ve ever done to my posts or prefs, has come up with an error. I click OK and it completes the edit correctly. This mute feature is the only thing that hasn’t worked for me.

I noticed this too

He’s editing his past posts so that there don’t remain any reminders of his presence at this forum on his way out. Either that or RetyredEnginear has hijacked his account and is smashing his posts left and right in rage…