Any old CB'ers out there got a copy on me?

I have an old Antron 99 CB base station antenna w/ground plane kit link installed at the top of a 80’ cedar tree. And yep, I climbed the thing back in the early 90’s to put it up. And nope, you couldn’t get me anywhere near the thing today. But I do still have the 100’ run of RG8 heavy duty coax with PL259 connector coiled up at the base of the tree. Before going to the trouble of figuring out the right adapter and purchasing it to pair it with a TV connector, is there any chance this antenna would receive TV signals?

Well, to start with RG8 cable has a characteristic impedance of 50 ohms, while RG6 television coax has a characteristic of 75 ohms, so there will be an impedance mismatch when you connect the antenna/cable unless you find a 50ohm-75 ohm balun.
Next, CB radio frequencies are all around 27MHz.The TV VHF Hi band (RF channels 7 - 13) are 175-210MHz, and the most common TV frequencies are in the UHF band (RF channels 14 - 69) are at 470-801MHz. Thus, the antenna isn’t likely to do a great job picking up the TV bands (it’s optimized for a narrow frequency band that’s MUCH lower frequency. There are likely some multiples of 27MHz that will fall near a TV channel, so you might get a few channels, but I suspect you won’t get a satisfactory result.Still, the balun would probably not be expensive, so you might have a bit of fun trying it.

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If you decide to leave the antenna connected to anything, be sure you’ve got good surge suppression / grounding on it. It’s likely a great ‘attractor of static’ during a storm.

@StuTomato, thank your for the detailed info! I might just play around with it. From up there, the antenna can ‘see’ the towers about 7 miles away over water so they’re dead on LOS. From down here at the house, all of the trees’ friends and relatives are in between the towers and me so my signal gets a little brittle with wind and rain. If old rabbit ears work (occasionally), I thought with all that wire 80 feet up, it might get all kinds of signals.

Good call! It’s been up there for 20+ years and hasn’t taken a hit yet but that’s when it will :wink: