Any of you also missing guide data for March on ME-TV and Ant-TV?

I’ve noticed that from March 1st onwards my Tablo has no program information listed for the local ME-TV affiliate. That is, my series recordings on that station all stop with February 28, even though all other TV guides and ME-TV’s own online schedule show continued broadasts and individual episodes, and no programs are set to be recorded on that channel from March 1st on.

Similarly for Antenna-TV, which broadcasts mostly 1960s-era reruns, there are only the names of the series (no individual episode information) in time slots from Monday March 6, and all scheduled programs now are set for “Other Seasons” with no ability to weed out duplicates. This, however, may in part be the fault of Ant-TV as most other TV guide services are also missing anything other than series’ names, and Ant-TV is somewhat rejiggering their schedule for Spring as of that date. On the other hand, the Antenna-TV web site schedule does list full episode information for programs from March 6 forwards.

All other guide data on my Tablo is fine in March.

Are any of you finding the same for ME and Ant TV stations in March?

I’ve contacted Support to ask them to chase the providers, but after 72 hours they came back and asked me to put my Tablo into heartbeat monitoring mode and said nothing about the guide or contacting their provider, so I fear I am going to have to set up individual manual recording for each ME program, and watch other listings for Ant-TV to know what is being broadcast and which recordings to delete.

If this is happening to all of us, perhaps Tablo will make fixing the info with their guide service a higher priority.

Open a ticket with support and your zip code. They will contact your epg and get it right.

My MeTV and AntennaTV are ok for some March stuff. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

Thanks very much for your replies.

Can you (anyone) confirm that you have, say, The Andy Griffith Show or I Love Lucy offered for recording on ME-TV on March 1 or later? I have nothing available on any ME-TV series after February 28. On one local guide service ME-TV is listed simply as “paid programming” from March 1, but on all other online TV listing services there is accurate program and episode information. So it may be an issue of when ME-TV shared this information with guide providers and when/how often Tablo’s own guide service reboots its database.

The Ant-TV episodes have now propagated through on my schedule (as on other on-line TV guides), so I guess when they change seasonal schedules (as they are doing from March 6) they don’t send the episode information out until close to the changeover date. They only put it on their own website in the last 48 hours, although the changed schedule with generic series names has been available for much longer.

I did open a ticket (with zip code, etc.) but as far as I can tell Tablo haven’t yet contacted the guide service, but I hope and trust they will. (They only asked me to put my device in heartbeat mode but said nothing about the program guide.)

Thanks again for your responses. Much appreciated.

I see March for both shows on MeTV.