Any new or used 4 tuners for sale?

I have had my Tablo for 16 months and love it. Finally convinced my parents to put one at the family cottage but looks like 4 tuner units are sold out almost everywhere. I figured I would see if anyone had a working 4 tuner they wanted to get rid of before we spent the $300 or wait for a deal.

There are both 2 & 4 Tuners (NEW) in stock on as well as lovingly refurbished 2-Tuners.

Any chance any 4 tuner refurbs are in the works? Finally sold my parents on getting one but they are on a reduced / fixed income so I would prefer to save them some money where possible…

@Daniel454 - Yep. We’ve got some at HQ that will be going through the refurb process soon.

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