Any issue with laying the harddrive on top of the Tablo?

I just ordered a 4-tuner Tablo and I’m deciding how I’m going to set things up. I have a small 1’x1’ shelf that I plan on using. However, I’m not sure if I’ll have enough room to lay the Tablo and harddrive side-by-side. Is heat an issue if I just lay the harddrive on top of the Tablo? Any vibration issues you can foresee?

I’ll be using this hardrive enclosure with my old PS4 harddrive inside.

@merschdawg06 - You should definitely NOT stack the Tablo and the hard drive. Their combined heat = badness.

You could potentially tuck the hard drive in behind the Tablo though.

Thanks for the quick response! I wasn’t sure how much heat this bad boy pumped out. I’ll find some way to keep them separate.

@merschdawg06 - Tablo is passively cooled so it does run warmer than the average electronic component. Because of that, it likes to have a bit of breathing room.

I ordered the DEEPCOOL WIND PAL MINI Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6" Slim Design 140mm Silent Fan Blue LED from Newegg US for 9.99 with free shipping. I set my Tablo and 2TB Seagate usb portable drive on top of it and plugged it in. It makes NO noise and very little breeze …but my Table is now just barely warm to the touch and before it was HOT - 90++. And my HD seems to be just fine up there…so far - now 18mths

Now I know that they say that 90+ is normal for the unit, but I have always found that cooler electronics seem to last longer.