Any Canadian TIVO Roamio/Bolt Users Out There?

I’ve seen lots of positive comments on these two TIVO products in the forums here, and the deal that can be had for $300. The devices themselves seem to be marketed for a North American OTA audience. Two questions I have burning inside me:

  1. Do they include Canadian OTA program listings, or are they blank?
  2. Any place in Canada to procure one? There’s always, but I’d prefer to get one locally.

And one question aimed towards users of any nationality: Is there a TIVO-supplied process of getting content off of the box, and if so, how involved is it? I appreciate the efforts of the authors of Sur La Tablo and Tablo Exporter here, but I think it’s time that this function is provided and supported by the manufacturer and not reliant on a few smart, dedicated enthusiasts.

Yes the TiVo units do support Canadian guide data for Canadian OTA. However, where did you see the Roamio for $299 CAD? I know there have been deals for $299 USD, which is $410 minimum.

Didn’t say it was CDN - sorry about that, I’ve only seen $300 USD.

I know others have done a CBA for Tablo vs TIVO here, but my annual $60 USD fee is coming due and I’m contemplating pulling the trigger on a TIVO for $450 CDN vs throwing another $90 CDN for a year’s subscription. I really like the TIVO user experience from what I’ve seen on-line, and the whole package seems to be nicely thought out - one-button commercial skip, 4 tuners(!), 5.1 sound. I also saw on-line that it already has streaming to phones/devices, and will soon offer that function remotely. We really don’t need to watch recorded shows from more than one TV, so the networking capabilities with Tablo aren’t as important anymore.

Do you actually own one, or is this from on-line inference?