Antennas , a coupler and tuner over drive


For those of of you following my pixelation dillema, I discovered that by replacing my directional antenna with my Mohu omni- directional one, Global comes in flawlessly despite having pretty much the same signal strength and quality. . Buffalo is on and off except PBS which is strong. CTV and CHC remain strong. I also tuned the directional antenna towards Buffalo and those stations are all strong with the exception of WGRZ. Oddly despite being a good 45 to 50 degrees off their signal coordinates , CTV and CHCH still come in at 70% strength and 100% quality. My questions are these… will a strong signal coming from the two antennas via the coupler affect what I see and, more importantly, will it damage the Quad tuners?


Tuners are not damaged by overdriven signals.


Much of your “stats” show - two antennas don’t necessarily equate to a stronger signal. Signal strength is relationally constant, you just collect more of it.


Thanks for the input . Coupler attached and signal strength meter shows nothing more than 75% strength , 100% quality. I am a happier camper.