I sound so dumb compared to you guys but reading and searching for signal I found tvfool. Tvfool shows a tower 39.3 miles, with a path 2edge, and 7 for a display channel with physical channels db -16.5 for 31 and -15.7 for 39. Channel 31 has ABC (7-1) telemundo (7-2) thistv (7-3). PSIP 39 has ABC (7-1) CW (7-2) Grit (7-3). I have a wineguard 8200 deep fringe antenna with booster.

Is there a way to select which PSIP channel I wish to receive 31or 39?

As you can see this tower is approximately 40 miles away and is in a southwest direction. I presently have the antenna pointed northwest and receive ABC on PSIP 18, CBS on 34, Fox on 20, Grit 44, this 47, NBC 35, but no CW.

I haven't tried the antenna pointed that southwest but was confused with one display channel with two physical channels.

I have three towers within 40 miles, one 5 miles north has PBS, KIDS, CREATE, OETA, NBC, CBS, FOX. One 30 miles northwest with NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, IND.

My antenna is on a mast about 25 feet high.

I'm having problems receiving some channels all the time and all the channels some of the time.

Help would be very appreciated!

I can’t really answer your antenna positioning question, but I can say that if you can receive 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3 from multiple sources on your antenna, the Tablo will show them all to you and then you can select which ones  to Add to Guide.

What model antenna are you using?  Are you using any amplifiers?