Antenna Signal Strength

I’m not sure this is possible on a Tablo but it would be very nice to have. Something similar to what was on the DirecTV Box (replaced by my Tablo) showing the satellite signal strength. Instead showing our Antenna Signal Strength for each channel.

From what little research I’ve done this doesn’t seem to be as easy as it sounds. For it to work, it seems like, it would have to be in the device (Tablo) and actually measure the signal the Tablo is using to display and record. If you’re an electrical engineer don’t laugh to hard at my over simplification.:smile:

Maybe one of the Tablo engineers could comment. Is this possible, is it something Tablo would consider?



I would also like that feature, Something like having the functionality of a Winegard RFL-332 Sensar Pro Signal Meter but with an app on Android or include on Tablo app, to ajust direction of antenna for maximum strength for a channel at a time (not a full rescan) in a near real-time display. Thanks


Considering you can get a weak signal error message for a failed recording - yet no real help to remedy the situation.

If it were a vague something went wrong message, then you wouldn’t fuss with it :poop:

hmm, I am wondering what the original intent of this feature request is? My reasoning for wanting such a feature is simply for optimizing the antenna.

Tablo is not designed to be able to give real time received signal strength for all channels. Rather than the signal strength indication after the full scan, it would be nice to have an option to display actual signal strength number (-110 dBm)

But this indication would probably be an average strength measured during the scan. Since the scan takes some time to go through the entire television bandwidth, it is not ideal for real time antenna pointing.

So maybe it would be nice to have an Antenna Pointing screen where you can set the 2 (or 4) tuners in your Tablo to the 2 (or 4) channels you are most concerned about having a good signal on. Then tablo could display real time received signal strength levels for those select channels while adjusting the antenna.

just some thoughts


I’d like to have a signal strength number because the strongest signal I receive is the channel with the worst recordings. How loud is too loud?

How do I attenuate the signal for that channel when the station 80 miles away is directly behind this station’s tower? How much pad do I have to add? Will that much pad drop out the far station? All good things a number would help while the 4 green bubbles are useless.

I live North of Los Angeles (about 35 miles) and could not receive KABC’s (Channel 7) signal, well enough to get a “clean” picture. After much study and investigation I discovered I needed a field strength meter. I bought a Hauppauge USB TV receiver (which has a field strength meter built in). I then spent about an hour on the roof using my laptop PC with the USB receiver re-aiming my Yagi antenna (peaking the signal strength on KABC’s signal). I went from a reading of 3.0 to 8.0 by re-aiming for maximum signal. This fixed my issues and have not had any issues since. Quite a bit of work but then again I fixed the issue! If you need more details I’d be happy to help you.