Antenna signal strength & issues

Hi all, new Tablo 4 tuner user here with a quick question. We installed the Tablo with our new outdoor antenna last week, and for the first few days it worked superbly. However, yesterday it began losing the signal on cetain channels and would give an on screen message that the antenna signal was too low. Nothing has changed as far as the install, usage, etc. I’ve tried a signal booster (no help), channel rescan (also no change), a Tablo reset (no help), and I’m not sure what else to try. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks…

There are some repacks going on across the country currently and maybe causing you some grief. My experience has been a rescan typically solves it. There is a website which shows repack. Google it you should see the link. Good luck solving your problem.

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Does your antenna cable connect directly to your Tablo or do you have a splitter in the line to feed one or more TVs separately? If you have a splitter try removing it and have the cable go straight to your Tablo.

If you are convinced there is nothing wrong with your installation then call the station and ask for engineering. I had a station that just dropped off the air last week while I was watching. I called and found out there were some issues at the tower after the repack. Many stations are installing new antennas and there may be technical issues.

One PBS station is still of the air and their website has pictures of ongoing work at their tower. There was high winds aloft the last few days and it delayed work.

Also, get to know the engineers at all local stations. They love talking about technical stuff and I have found they enjoy interacting with people watching OTA.

No, it’s a straight feed from the antenna directly to the Tablo. Worked perfect the first few days, then started losing channels (signal). Nothing else changed, so I don’t know what might have caused it.

I did a couple of rescans, same results each time, no improvement.

I would try disconnecting the Tablo and connect the antenna directly to the TV to see if there are still issues. If there are then try contacting the local stations, if not then I would open a ticket with Tablo support so they can check out your unit.

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Are you certain this is not the problem with your station? This condition will result in “weak signal” warning!

When you did the rescan, did you save the results (ADD TO GUIDE)? If not, repack changes may not get picked up by the Tablo.


Get yourself a $25 OTA signal meter made by Cimple and others from Amazon. It will pay for itself the very first time you use it, if no other way by easing your headaches from antenna signal problems.

There’s a great topic on Antop antennas in the “Off Topic” forum: well worth the read for the gathered “crowd” knowledge.

A possible source of your problem is cable connection issues. Were all of the cable connections from the antenna to your Tablo properly tightened and sealed with electrical tape? Outdoor and attic cable connections can come loose due to heat/cold expansion or can short from water intrusion. Check all of your cable connections.