Antenna Revisited

Hi all I need some help with antenna for a travel trailer (TT). TT is a 2002 with original roof antenna which has a booster but won’t bring in all 7 local stations and their subseting channels. So I took the antennas I was using in the house which worked fine indoors in the house but I don’t have the space nor could I get all the channels I was getting in the house in the TT.

So I went to Walmart and tried a RCA 60 mile, Terk 60 mile and Mohu Leaf 50 amplified (actually, I think they all were). None of these gave me all the chanels and I tried joining the signals with all combinations of roof antenna with booster and these antennas. I found out later that I could have taken off there amplifiers and tried that but I found that out just by accident when a plug came lose I a Clearstream antenna but I have purchased from Best Buy (I also even picked up the rabbit ears -you can see my desperation but I have tried it yet)

Because the Clearstream gave me the best results so far just not all the stations, I talked Clearstream and found out that they recommend the 2V and so I purchased that I’m still not happy - let’s just say it that way -and I also purchased a HDFrequency antenna looks like a bunch of squares. Now this is really interesting and I may see if I can post a picture to show you what’s up with this one - surprised me but it came apart and so all I got is on the little device where the cable screws into as it came apart from the frame and I just happened to touch the wires on the Clearstream 2V by accident and I got channel 57 which is a station I’ve been trying to get a all long. This is just crazy! I still don’t have all the channels as such as there is a lot of pixelation and the other channels. I’m just at my wits and trying to figure out what I can use short of getting a new antenna on the outside of the trailer I guess and I’m not sure if that’s gonna work out either as my husband was looking just the other night and saw some of the comments about a new antenna for the top of the trailer that people weren’t impressed with that either.

This is just crazy. So whatever some I can do to help me I would appreciate it. We live in 29170 zipcode.

Oh, I saw a YouTube video where Bigjigdaddy used a biscuit/cookie tin and cut out like a bowtie in the center of it and then cut it down cut down the sides and that one supposedly gets stations as far away as the 130 miles to 200 miles. I’m not sure when people say that if they mean the can get the station whether the picture is clear or pixilated.

I’m just looking for something that’s gonna bring in the signal and with the travel trailer will be moved so I need something to be flexible enough to move with the travel trailer be able to turn and then we got a space issue because obviously I can’t put a huge thing in the travel trailer just don’t have a place to sit in on top of something if I mounted to the wall like a said the travel trailer will move in so it won’t be maybe in the pointing to the north of the south of the store where it needs to point so I guess I’m just appealing to you all to see if anybody’s got some ideas of what I could try to do in our travel trailer thank you for your help Jan

Winegard FL5500A is the best indoor antennas I found for me in Austin, TX. Better than Mohu Leaf. It is designed for both UHF and VHF.

I use the Channel Master Smartenna on my roof and pick up channels that appear to be a similar distance to your distances from towers. It is an omni directional antenna. It should be aimed in the direction of the farthest channel you want or the direction with the most channels. I’ve been really happy with it.

Your biggest problem is height. You need to get the antenna up higher in the air to get more channels - and have a good shot at weak signals.

There are websites that discuss how terrain between you and the TV Tower affects your ability to get the signal. And how high up you have to be to get a clear shot at the various towers.

I use but I think there is a better one for USA addresses.

there are 2 tools that I recommend for US OTA.

I would actually use BOTH in order to gain a good feel for what you need…