Antenna Choice

I originally started off with Clearstream 4 antenna. Was having trouble with channel 6 and 13 breaking up. I ordered a Denny’s EZ HD antenna. Work good for channel 13 and the UHF channels but channel 6 was unwatchable. So I ordered a Denny’s HD stacker. Now I have a strong signal through the whole range of VHF and UHF no break ups. I get 26 channels. location upstate New York we live in a rural area 27 miles from the closest broadcast tower.

Make one. The DIY antenna on YouTube has been better than any antenna I have ever bought. Been using it for 4 yes now in my attic. Not the coat hanger design but the one with PVC standoffs and copper.

there is some good stuff in that thread.  the video i mention above is also in it, but here is a direct link:

I built the one above 4 yrs ago and haven’t had a single problem.  I did add hardware cloth on the back of the antenna to make it more directional vs omnidirectional.  I am about 68 miles from the city and pick up everything perfectly.  Happy to offer some help or suggestions.

Works for me and my bro.  $40.00 was nice too. Use to check signal strength.

I made my own VHF antenna too, used a coupler and combined with my Mohu Leaf UHF antenna. My VHF channels went from being the weakest to being the strongest in signal reception. Lots of tutorials online, I used this one:

My Mohu Leaf seems to be working pretty well, but I wish I could juice it up just a touch.  Unfortunately, I’m directly in the middle of 2 markets.  I get full reception from the southern market, but only partial from the northern market.  I would like to get full coverage from both, but I have no idea how to accomplish that given that they are 180 degrees difference.  Any tips or tricks?

@jbanks25, You can try to combine two antennas pointed in the different directions to see if that works for you (I haven’t tried it yet, so YMMV):

“TIP: Combine two antennas for even better reception”

I have had good luck with this site for antenna questions, I live about 36 miles away from the towers in DFW area and was able to get good low band VHF reception(WFAA) with their EZ Antenna unit installed in the attic with Winegard Boost XT LNA 200 low noise preamplifier.