Antenna change - does this make sense?

I can run the scan on the original location, everything comes up the same. Just no way to move the TV to the new location.

The recording issue is because of signal loss.

You have to determine what is the reason for the signal loss. In my experience, the Tablo DVR performs almost the same as a TV hooked up to the antenna. When I experience signal issues (due to the weather conditions), both the TV and the Tablo experience similar problems. There is maybe a 5% difference in tuner sensitivity (remember, any DVR that has multiple tuners has an internal splitter, and some signal loss will happen). I never have “great reception” on the TV, and no signal on the DVR.

There are many things that can have an affect on reception, and if you put in a support ticket, the Tablo technical support team will have you setup the Tablo so they can take a look at what is happening when the recording fails.

Chances are, even if you purchased a different DVR (such as TiVo, Amazon Recast or others), you would experience the same issues. OTA TV reception isn’t always as good as “cable” (and even they have issues with reception occasionally).

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I found a hunk of RG-11 cable the prior cable company left in our house, it’s not long enough for even a 25’ run, but I added it to a 6’ RG-6 cable and was able to get it inside. With this I get all of the channels I want, almost all of the time. I can’t use this setup permanently, but now I can, at least, rerun the attic RG-6 to the closer location, cut the run in half, and not need any couplers.

Thanks for your help, you made it really understandable for a newbie.