Antenna advice for my new location

Packed up and moved to Delaware. I’m looking for advice on which antenna should work best for me. I want to get the major networks. abc nbc cbs fox. my tv fool report is

I would prefer to have it in the attic. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Need to get my tablo hooked up again.

Looks like your towers are all over the place. I have an origional Smartenna mounted on a mast in my attic and it works very well for my location here:
(not super simular but I do have a few channels coming from 180 from my others)

It looks like Channel Master may not make the Smartenna anymore, but its still on Amazon.

I run the line down the basement where i split it with a splitter/amplifier

Every site gives a different senario. according to the channelmaster sight abc, cbs, fox, cw are located 15 to 27 miles away at 208 216 and 218 degrees. nbc at 134 southeast.

this is what I had. I still have it. Do you thing this would work in my attic?

You could try, I had one hanging from my rafters with string for years.

I moved as well thats when i went with this Channel Master because I left the old one for the new owners

I bought a GE 33692 Attic-only antenna specifically for my Tablo more than a year ago. It’s attached to the Tablo with no amplifier and I’m able to pull in a TV station that’s 37 miles away with no problems whatsoever. The major stations are closer, and the antenna picks those up just fine without being pointed in their direction.