Another streaming TV option

DirectTV Now launching Nov 2. 100 channels $35. Don’t know what channels execpt all the Time Warner channels for sure, such ad CNN, TBS, TNT, TCM. And if you have AT&t for cellphone, does not use your data. Don’t know if it will be on zBingeOn, but I have unlimited data

That would make sense. TW already had their Streaming TV App Service so that just sweetened the pot for DirectTV. I tried to sign up for a Trial but they wouldn’t let me due to my demographics. I thought about giving them a family member address just so I could try it out but figured I would wait and see what happens. I’m still waiting for the Xfinity App for Roku to try. I had to take a basic TV Bundle from them a few months ago when I locked in on an Internet Promotion. It’s only 25 channels and they gave me a box which conveniently sits on a shelf in my basement collecting dust as I have no use for it with OTA.

Should have said Nov 4 but was only a guess from what I’ve read. Mo official launch date or channels yet, so I’m doing PS Vue sonce it launched on AndroidTV. It is AWESOME! Much better than the Roku piece of junk.

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I see that the Android TV App for PS Vue had a real guide as opposed to the Vue App on Roku which is missing. I really haven’t experienced many problems with Roku other than their updates breaking Tablo. I’m pretty vested in them having 4 now but have considered trying something different.

Roku is ok, just it is harder to program for. I have a couple.