Another station with still INCORRECT data on Tablo

Please have your guide provider change the channel for KBVO-CD virtual channel 14-1 to be the SAME as KBVO-DT Llano.  The KBVO-CD is a repeater so the signal will cover ALL of Austin and further south.  It is currently showing the SAME as KNVADT 54-1 which is NOT correct.  Another case of having to do MANUAL recordings based on guide. It should be for all zip codes in Austin / San Marcus Texas.  My zip code is 78758.

The engineer for ALL the stations involved is: Mark Dunham
This request is not two months old (yet).  The new station just went live last month. He is also the engineer for the May 1 channel on 54-2 or 36-2
Holly Breaux is the Program Director for KTBC FOX and her email is BuzzrTV will be on 7-3 on May 31 / June 1.