Another Priority request

I see there are a few old requests for enabling recording priority, but here’s my take on how this could be implemented.

Update the recording options to include a “Only if no conflict” option (or however it can be called). Setting this option on a recording schedule can de-prioritize it from the regular round of records. When the system is determining whether or not to record an episode, it could give priority to the shows that don’t have this set, then only set the shows that do have this set up to record if there are still available tuners.

I have a few shows that are set to record ‘All’ where I’d welcome a feature like this. These are old reruns that I don’t really care about watching everything in series (like Mayday, etc…) and are just shows I enjoy catching up on eventually. Unfortunately, these run all over the place, sometimes also at primetime where they conflict with with shows I do want to record. So, a setting like this should hopefully make sure that the Tablo never again decides to record a Highway Thru Hell rerun instead of my wife’s current season of Grey’s Anatomy for example.

So, it’s not a perfect solution for conflicts and priority, but it should help minimize some of them by bucketing shows into either a ‘Normal’ priority (behaves like it does today) or ‘Lower’ priority (behaves like it does today, but only after the ‘Normal’ ones are slotted to record).

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This is a novel approach, and makes a lot of sense, both from a useability perspective as well as an implementation perspective since it would seem it would be fairly easy logic to add.

I also like this approach for prioritizing recordings. “Automatic conflict resolution”.

Like the OP does… Whenever The Goldbergs go on hiatus, I record old, vintage program’s.
But when The Goldbergs starts their “new” season, I want the new programs to have priority over the older “filler” programs.

As it works now, when the new networks seasons start, I have to check for conflicts so I can cancel the filler programs. This system works, but sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m for being able to prioritize conflicting program schedules.