Another GREAT feature of

Since I have T-mobile for my phone, I took advantage of the $14 per month for a year offer. I wanted a guide that I could look at, so I went to the best online guide provider I know, and clicked on create a new list. I selected Over The Top as the provider. Entered my zip code, then it provided me three choices, and one of them was SlingTV! So now I can select either Broadcast Stations (which Tablo has) or Sling TV Central. I didn’t create any additional fake stations like I did for broadcast (BYUTV, EWTN, CatholicTV, others stream live, so I added them. I also added upcoming stations GRITTV and LAFF so I can see what kind of programming they have.)

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Thanks for posting this. I have Sling tv and this works great!

I’m signing up today for the $14/month price… that was a good deal T Mobile set up for its subscribers. I had been paying $20, and when this offer came up, so I cancelled my existing subscription, which expires today. Too bad they make you cancel and re-sign up to get the good pricing, but oh well. Also going to be taking advantage of the free movie a month from Vudu.

I like the titan tv guide too… already incorporated the SLING TV channels I watch into my OTA listings there.

Thanks! That’s pretty cool! Got it all set up with OTA & OTT SlingTV and then created a home screen icon on my android too.

Had to load 6 different HBOs to figure out which one I had on Sling…but figured it out.