Another day another Tablo disaster

This thing is such a joke. Seriously if you have a wife or girlfriend, float the idea of boarding a concubine before buying this thing. Complete joke…

So I had kind of cooled off after the last post I made about multiple catastrophic failures where recordings just ended. Partially because the app works better through the Amazon interface. I thought maybe there was a day when the hapless engineers might get this thing to a state of stability. (Go read the thread about how the video player had to be completely rewritten and see if hapless is not a generous appraisal of the state of this production product that costs money.)

Then suddenly I got multiple recordings that just got stuck on freeze frames. I found that just tapping forward as though you were skipping a commercial is the only way out of that. Yes, you have to skip content you recorded just to keep moving forward.

But then tonight, saw that it was saying 'Connecting in 5… ’ then counting down, over and over and over again.

Finally had to hard boot the machine.

Way to go guys! You beat microsoft to a TV that makes you say ‘reboot, see what happens’ every couple days.

UPDATE: turns out after I reconnected the one failed recording was not there and the other one was but upon trying to play it, it said it failed because no hard disk was connected. I have the My Passport by WD, which the thread here says works. 2TB. Have had this thing for a LONG time and this is the first time seeing this message.

Maybe you have a defective unit … contact their customer support … Mine works pretty reliably without any such issues.


I can’t believe you started ANOTHER thread complaining about Tablo. People here have been very understanding and helpful despite you being very negative. I think it would probably be best in the future to contact support privately or just sell the box if you are that displeased. Tablo definitely isn’t perfect, but I think you have a defect or perhaps you simply focus only on the negative.


Wow you are hilarious. Yeah I should focus on the positive. Maybe that would make the two recordings it missed come back tonight. Hey I want to work for you are you hiring? When I fail to complete assignments or lose clients for you, but still keep drawing a paycheck, I am sure you will just look at my positive qualities, for instance, I love animals and can identify many bird species.

People have been understanding??? Hilarious. Yeah it’s horrible that someone would go and make public the fact that the app is still constantly failing a long time after launch.

Go run back to your little policing post now. Or go get your cash money. Or whatever you are here to do… Thanks so much for your helpful input about how I should behave. It means a lot.

Maybe you should just return it if its still within the time period … or perhaps just sell it on ebay …

  1. Not being able to connect to the Tablo can be caused by a bunch of things, likely networking issues. I run my Tablo for months, not days or weeks, without rebooting the Tablo or my router and I have never had an issue connecting to it. So your experience is not the norm.
  2. Is your Tablo connected via WiFi to the router?
  3. Can you please set DHCP reservation on the router for your Tablo? This ensures the Tablo is assigned the same internal IP all the time. This has fixed issues like you had for many. DHCP reservation is like setting a Static IP. It’s very easy to do on your router interface.
  4. What is the make and model of your router?
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I did not know getcashmoney was hiring. Mine works perfect. Could not be happier.

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Happy user here for coming up on a year. I think you have a defective unit.

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Ding Ding Ding! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. :triumph:

While you’re enjoying your rubber chicken, just a tiny little nagging detail: I have every other streaming device known to man and none of them have problems on my network. Literally never drop a frame.

I have an Apple Airport Extreme, last gen, and no, it’s not wifi. When I went down there the network lights on the back were blinking. The idea of giving it a reserved IP address is maybe a good one. What makes you think that will make a difference?


Obviously you are not happy with this product… Perhaps exchanging it for a SimpleTV or the ChannelMaster alternative might work better for you.

@codeslubber We’re really sorry to hear that you’re having some issues. Can you send us a note directly? We’d be happy to go over your Tablo’s logs and find the best solution to get things moving forward.

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@codeslubber - I was experiencing disconnected HD, Tablo reboots/instability, missing recordings, etc… similar to yours. I was using an “approved” WD Elements 1TB drive that had worked well for several months. When I replaced the HD with a little more expensive and more robust drive from OWC ( all my problems disappeared. I had the 7200rpm version on hand already and you might be able to save a few $$ going to a 5400rpm version. The Tablo support guys say the rpm’s don’t make a difference - I’m not so sure as I’ve always needed the faster rpm’s when working with hidef material in my work as a video producer.

I’m believe the inexpensive HD specs are subject to change without notice based on what materials the manufacturers have easy/cheap access to which is why an “approved” drive will work for some but then not others. The vast majority of the HD manufacturers customers just don’t put the drives through the stress that a DVR environment does. Perhaps the upcoming firmware update might fix this but we won’t know until it’s released.

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Who is the actual manufacturer of these OWC drives? I’ve never heard of this brand before, do hey outsource to Seagate, Toshiba?

I am sick of my girlfriend asking me when I will stop cussing at the TV. She still says ‘nothing has ever been as good as TiVo was…’ For someone who is a technologist, that’s a hard thing to hear. I don’t like to think we are already regressing, but it’s hard to make that argument while I am also telling her we will not be seeing Jeopardy tonight. Every boob with a $10 cable package will be.

I made a few jokes on this thread. Relax with all advice. I would like to see this stuff resolved. Before I run out of rope, or the girlfriend just calls Time Warner one day…



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Maybe it’s the drive. I ordered a new WD, but just an elements drive. Maybe that will fix it. We’ll see…

I believe they are specing drives primarily from Hitachi and Toshiba. I’ve used several of the On-The-Go drives for transferring and storing footage while shooting on location, the desktop Mercury Pro drives for long term archiving, and I just installed their 20TB ThunderBay 4 RAID on my editing system. I don’t know for certain, but I believe the drives in the compact portables are a step or two up from the low end, inexpensive drives offered by the manufacturers and then they add a more robust chipset to the enclosure. Over the 8ish years that I’ve been using them I’ve only had two failures.

I have very much the same setup, even the same router. I have a 2TB WD Elements drive and have had literally no issue at all. (other than the occasional inability to connect remotely, which setting up an IP reservation for the Tablo has solved)