Another Catastrophic Failure

Had 3 regular shows that were set to record tonight. The first one recorded 8 minutes. It said 22 minutes left but would not play past the 8 minute mark. The total time showed 22 minutes.

The second one recorded 2 minutes.

Who knows what I will get from the third one.

Seriously, a decade of TiVo this never happened once. With Tablo, I don’t even get mad anymore. There’s zero chance I would recommend this to someone. No one understands the concept of having things just disappear or show up in a truncated form. ‘Oh you were halfway through Jeopardy? yeah no, we’re all done here…’

Total joke.

Tablo works perfect here. Never lost one recording over 14 months now.

Can you please explain more of your set up? Tablo is hard wired? What is your HDD?

I won’t say that Tablo is flawless for everyone, but I haven’t had any recordings not finish properly in almost 6 months of use every single day. Is your hard drive almost full?

Yeah it’s hard wired, with a 2TB Western Digital USB drive attached. No idea why I got partial recordings. Was for sure not the network connection, I was on the internet throughout the recording period. The drive is not totally full and I have auto delete turned on.

After wasting time investigating this, I installed the FireTV app and that made me pretty happy. That’s a step forward.

@codeslubber - Obviously failed recordings are not something we like to see. If you’re game, we can work together to log into your box and find out exactly what’s going on. Usually failed recordings are due to bad reception or a disk error. If we log in, we can eliminate the disk error and focus on why your reception dropped out.

If you want us to look into this, just drop us a note ( with your MAC address and we’ll work towards investigating.

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Many individuals have posted problems with the WD 2 TB drives. Is it a WD Elements drive? What is the exact model number?

Many have also found updating the firmware on said HDD fixes their problem. Connect the drive to your computer and use the WD Utility to force an update.

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What is a preferred drive? This drive is a passport so it doesn’t have a fan. Maybe it’s getting hot. That said, one of my arguments against DVRs in general is how sick it is that we have to spend so much energy/money running machines in millions of homes just because content producers are unwilling to embrace new models.

I am willing. Isn’t there a way to just get logs from the device? I don’t have a pinhole in my router right now. I could open one.

We’ve got a way to enable a connection @codeslubber. Just pop a note over to and we can get that enabled.

I started with a Toshiba Canvio I believe and that went to sleep all the time, check the settings on your drive, maybe it somehow goes to Sleep mode. I have had a Seagate BUP Slim and have not had any Hard drive troubles ever. I did have Roku rebooting troubles a while back but that has been fixed for almost a month. Here is a link to my exact Hd

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I use 1TB Toshiba Canvio for couple months and working fine.