Android TV - Wireless Only

Now that my Android TV is hard-lined (Cat6) everything works great other than Tablo. If I switch my TV back to wireless Tablo works again. Even though that my TV and Tablo are both hard-wired into the same switch? This needs to be fixed! Ready to give-up on Tablo.

It is nice that you report such things, and I’m sorry that you are having trouble.

I don’t know what your expectations are beyond sympathy. No one here can help you if you don’t say what is not working with your Tablo. How does it not work on wired connection?

How exactly is your Tablo hard wired to a switch?

Tablo has an antenna inlet & 2 USB outlets for hardrives. To my knowledge, Tablo does not have the ability to send a signal to a device (other than writing to a hard drive) through a hard wired connection.

Ummm, yes it can be hardwired to the network with an Ethernet cable.

If you are thinking to TV you are correct that there is no HDMI connection.

sounds like a support issue with the network jack. I have read that older versions had issues and since their replacement the network jack has worked well… I would recommend that you let Tablo support check it out to verify. It shouldnt be that difficult and totally frustrating if it is something simple.

I have my Tablo and Android TV hooked to the same router with ethernet.

Try direct connection (no switch).

It will not connect to Tablo. It sees the Tablo device but will not connect. Other users have had similar complaints on forums.

Let me explain this a little more detailed. I have a Cisco switch that my house is networked through. My Sony Android TV is hardwired to the switch utilizing CAT 6 cabling. My Tablo is also wired to the switch using CAT 6 cabling. When I put the TV in wireless network configuration everything works fine, but when I switch the TV to wired configuration everything work fine (all apps, ie Netflix, ESPN, HBO, You Tube…) but Tablo. When I start the app it see the Tablo device but can not connect. I have uninstalled the Tablo app, cleared caches, even tried a different network cable from the Tablo box.

@rrrelic Is it possible there’s some MAC filtering in place here? Or is there some kind of different subnet enabled for wired vs wireless connections? If you send these details to our support team, we’d be happy to help. As mentioned by some users above, this use case is definitely supported.