Android TV - Recommending TV Content & Live Channels

There are two items that would be great adds to the Android TV app:

Recommending TV Content
Android TV allows for content recommendations to appear as the first row of the TV home screen.  Perhaps Tablo could utilize this for upcoming live TV or recorded shows?  Link to the code below:

Live Channels
Currently HDHomeRun can utilizethe "Live Channels" app to watch live tv instead of the "HDHomeRun View" app.  Can the Tablo take advantage of this?

Thank you for listening!

Live Channels support is really needed. That’s a major advantage with the hd homerun.

While good in concept, Pluto TV plays better using the Pluto TV app. I don’t know if the problem is with Android TV or with PlutoTV. Weather Network plays on Live Channels without any problem.

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