Android TV Nvidia Shield TV crashes when I wake or reboot

Any one else noticed this ? If I reboot my nvidia shield tv or wake it up I get the poppup about tablo crash. I can then click report or ok. When I open the app it works fine. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t fix the problem.

Are you sure it’s crashing, or are you just getting a message saying the Tablo app has stopped? This bug was in the version two back as well. Went away in the last version, now it’s back again… happens on my Android phone as well… but when I close apps like Plex even (without having used the Tablo app for days).

That might be it. Hopefully they fix it. It’s more of an annoyance than anything.

@cjcox @TabloSupport You are correct it is saying it stopped. When you open the app it works it’s just an annoyance getting this poppup. Hopefully it’s a quick fix.

There’s already a thread for this issue.