Android TV Client -- Recordings No Longer Sorted

My wife and I have noticed that the Android TV client on our Nexus Player is no longer sorting recordings alphabetically by name. This appears to have started in past couple of weeks. Our Android phone and web browser clients are sorted as usual. Is there an option we’ve changed somehow, or is this a bug in the latest app release?

Bug. The only option is to sort by “most recent”, otherwise, I have no idea in the world what the order is. Makes no sense at all on my set (also Nexus Player). Not alphabetical, not by age, and I doubt it’s by channel, not that I have the patience to investigate.

This, along with the disspearing data from NFL entries, are two of the most bone-headed mistakes in any product’s UX I have seen in a long time!

@TabloTV really laid an egg with the latest “update”.