Android TV 7.0 Features That Would Add Value To Tablo

Interesting read. Hopefully some of this is included in the “Android love” Tablo has been working on. I know being able to view the guide and a live signal concurrently is a common feature request. Look like it’s being built right into Android TV 7.0 and may just be a matter of the Tablo Android TV app taking advantage of it.

Just got my USB TV Tuner and just noticed the record function in Live Channels on the Nexus. That makes it another DVR, so NP is back up since it has Android 7 and the Mi Box doesn’t. I took the 1 TB disk I used for Tablo before it could handle larger disk, and have it connected to NP. Going to try it and see how it all performs.

Which USB tuner did you get?

I’ve got a a Shield TV so might grab one to try with Tablo DROID when it is released and Live Channels. Curious to see how they might differ in functionality or if it’s just more the UI design that separates them in which case I’m curious why Tablo would duplicate functionality already built into Android 7 and Live Channels.

Trying to get to a single device for everything as much as possible and since the Shield TV will be getting Google Assistant soon may return our Google Home and use the Shield TV as the hub for everything.

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