Android Pie Update and Tablo Preview App

@TabloTV I upgraded yesterday to the Android Pie update and have noticed some strange behavior in the Tablo Preview app after watching a program then exiting to the episode screen. When this occurs, it doesn’t allow me to select an episode or do anything for that matter. I have to exit out to the recordings page and then enter back into the show to select an option. Has anyone else with a Shield TV noticed this as well?

Mine is working correctly as far as I can tell. The only thing I noticed is that after watching a recording, it doesn’t always mark that recording as watched, but that is nothing new, it’s been doing that for months.

So far the only thing I noticed with the latest Pie update and Tablo Preview was a hang after exiting a watched show. Remote button presses are ignored for 30-40 seconds then they catch up.

But the Preview app has never updated the recording watched status. You have to manually set the watched status.

The upcoming schedule still fails and you have to clear the data.

Yep, sounds exactly like what I’m seeing.

We’ve managed to reproduce these issues in-house and we’re working on some fixes now. Stay tuned for updates!

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I’ve reverted back to the standard Tablo app for now, so I can at least select & delete shows. Can’t wait to get the preview app functional again. :slight_smile:

Hey folks - We’ve just pushed an update for Tablo PREVIEW to beta that addresses the navigation oddities introduced by Android Pie.

Once we’ve confirmed it works as expected, we’ll push the update live.

Thanks for your patience!