Android on galaxy s9+ can't find Tablo

At this point, just trying to get things working on home network, eventually want out of home viewing.

Tablo (original 2 tuner model) is found successfully by Roku, AppleTV4, 2 IOS devices. But neither the app nor can locate the Tablo from an Android phone. It comes up with nothing and tells me to try again.

Have tried removing rebooting and reinstalling, have ensured it’s on the same network. What further debugging or ideas should I be looking at?

Hard wired instead of wireless, right? They didn’t used to support it, so apps that have not been updated recently don’t scan except for WiFi.

Yeah, it’s a hardwired Tablo.

What confuses me here is that even the web app won’t work. I’m guessing network discovery is failing on Android for some reason?

If it helps anyone have a brilliant idea, the Android version is 9, patched to Jan 20 of this year.

Is the Galaxy S9+ in the same IP subnet as the Tablo? Does your wireless AP provide a separate subnet or vlan for wireless traffic?

Also if your WiFi has both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz, make sure the S9 is on the same WiFi

Thanks for the help. It looks like the different subnet is the issue. For indeterminate reasons, the phone is picking up it’s DHCP from the ISP router, which does IP passthrough to my own router. Although it is connecting to the wifi on my own router, and confirms that, it nonetheless gets its IP from the parent router. Odd. But if explains the issue and gives me something to go research. I’ll have to figure out how to turn off DHCP on the parent.


You should only have one DHCP server. If you’re using your own internal router then normally the ISP’s router should be in Bridge mode.

I know, that’s what I’ve done historically. This ISP with this specific router has a number of things locked down or being remotely reset for no apparent reason. Including full bridge. However, the router does also support the idea of a second router getting its own public IP, and passing through all traffic on that IP to the second router, which gives you the same net effect.

No expert here, but that’s the gist of it.

Any router I’ve ever seen “supports the idea” of having additional routers upstream. That’s kinda what routers do. They route. However… a lot of home users for some reason, want to add their own router and most (not all) of them really don’t understand how much complexity that can add. Usually they do this to get extra features and functionality not found in their ISP’s router. OK… I get it… but you can’t just add a router without knowing what else needs to be done. NORMALLY… I’d say the ISP router needs to be in bridge mode. Period. So you’re basically using ONE router again with the feature set you’re after. DEFINITELY only have one DHCP server on your LAN. Anything else is madness and there’s no reason to have 2 on a home network.
My suggestion here is to either work with the ISP to get THEIR router set up the way YOU want it, or… get a different ISP.
ISPs have their equipment defaulted to the lowest common denominator (the dumbest user) for the least amount of maintenance. They send out “hits” to shake their routers back to some defaults to stem off some of their “tinkering users” who get into trouble and then call for support.
Many will work with users like you who are trying to get things working the way you want. Their support will stop at their router once you do this though and most of their troubleshooting, should that become necessary, will begin with “ok, lets get your router back to the defaults”.
ONE DHCP server, ISP router in Bridge. Or work with their techs to set it up. That’s my suggestion.

*retired university IT guy

Thanks for this. I’m aware of all of it, I’m an active IT guy and have been for 40 years. Was trying to keep it simple. Sadly, I am far from the only one using this ISP and this router in this situation. The second public IP with IP passthrough is the only currently viable solution.

Agree with second DHCP being bad, but there’s other ISP equipment that requires it. I’ve got everything except that one item, on my own router.

I do appreciate the advice all have given. Sadly the ISP in question is the only one that can provide >50M service.