Android closed caption are too big, would love to adjust

I like the fact that I now have closed captions on my Android phone, but they are pretty big. Perhaps we need a setting or settings to better control their size (like font size) and placement and posssibly color, background opacity, etc.

@cjcox - Noted!

I’ve shared this with the team and they’ll look at what the best way to implement this. We’ll either do it by device (phone/tablet/TV) or with a slider.

In addition to a setting to control the appearance, would it be possible to have a global setting in the Android app to turn cc on/off so that the user does not need to turn it on every time? I tried the cc settings in the Nexus player setting but it seems that they don’t apply to the Tablo app.

Just adding, the Tablo “app” on my HTC has a CC (upper left on hover) on/off.

Thanks for the response.

Are you referring to the “CC” label (on top right corner) to toggle cc on/off during playback? Or a setting in the app to always turn on cc for any recordings and live TV (so you don’t need to manually turn it on every time)? Can you please clarify? Thanks!

@kamy2015 - Yes, is it a one time setting but folks who rely on CC may want an ‘always on’ option.

Good suggestion!!!

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I would also really appreciate this setting on both Android and FireTV as I use CC all the time and have to turn it on every time I start a show. However, I was so grateful just to get CC that I am not complaining - just seconding the usefulness of the suggestion.