Android boxes with Kodi and illegal add-ons banned

Fat lot of good that’s going to do, as you can just buy an Android box and load up Kodi, or simply run Kodi on your computer.

I just loaded up Kodi on my Nexus player this morning. Not having used Kodi before, I added the Tablo channel just to check it out, and then added all the Video, Photos and Music from my NAS drive. It’s really nice. The Nexus player is a really nice vehicle for Kodi, as it’s already attached to my TV… much better than having to run a server on my PC and accessing it via, say, the Roku.

One of my neighbors asked me about Kodi just this morning, and I’ll have to chat with them to see what they have in mind. I suspect one of their friends told them about it, or they read or saw a news item about all the piracy going on.

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+1 for Kodi. It’s a pretty good frontend and does off some remote viewing as well. If you don’t use Plex or have no interest in something like that, Kodi is a pretty good alternative depending upon what you need.

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Or even a cheap $35 Raspberry Pi even and do the same…

Exactly, tho I venture to guess that far fewer people could get it working on the raspberry pi.

its getting pretty easy … download an IMG file, pop it into an SD slot, use a simple bit of software to write the file to the SD card, then pop it into the Pi … its pretty easy.

The only difference will be the users added the add-ons instead of the box coming pre-configured. They advertise it as it is a legal way to watch new movies and pay tv.

Not really surprising this happened in Canada. There were kiosks in malls and ads everywhere on the internet selling pre-loaded Android ‘stealy boxes’.

It was just a matter of time before the content owners and distributors in Canada found a way to shut this type of sale down.