Android app will not finish syncing

After connecting to my Tablo, the Android app on my phone sits and says it is syncing for a while, then eventually times out. Due to this I can’t watch live TV and not all recordings show up. It only does this with Android. Roku and Windows work fine. I have tried clearing data, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but nothing seems to make the Android app work.

I recall users having this issue with some Samsung smartphones using Android 12 or 13.

What smartphone make, model, and Android OS version do you have?
Mine’s a Google Pixel 4a with Android OS v13.
The Tablo app works with my setup.

I am running a OnePlus 7T with Android 11. The app used to work fine, but one day it stopped working. I can use Tablo on the phone if I open from the Firefox browser apps, but the official Tablo app will not sync.

Works great on my Firestick and totally sucks on my Minix.

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