Android app no longer connecting

My android is no longer connecting to my tablo. It worked yesterday but not today. My Roku is still accessing the tablo though. Any thoughts? I tried restarting my phone. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the tablo app.

Reboot your router, wait 2 minutes, reboot your Tablo, wait 2 minutes, reboot your phone. Try again.

Rebooting just the Tablo did the trick. Not sure why that was needed though since the Roku was able to connect.

Do you have DHCP Reservation setup on your router for your Tablo? This ensures the same IP is assigned to the Tablo all the time. Fixes issues like this.

Is the Roku wired or wireless? Is the Tablo wired or wireless? Is the Android device wir ed or wireless? I use DHCP reservation for all my devices so they always have the same IP address. It simplify troubleshooting and problems with Tablo connections.

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