Android app freezing at "Syncing"

Hi there… 

I had previously set up my Tablo via an iPad I borrowed from work before I went away for a week.  When I got home today, I updated my Tablo with the latest and downloaded the app from google play.  Shortly after updating, everything started freezing - none of the live tv would play.  And now when I go to the Tablo app via my Roku it says it’s not even set up. ?!?!  I’ve since reset it every which way I could, and now when I go through the whole process of setting it up via my android tablet, it keeps freezing at the “syncing” stage.


@sarah - Have you tried deleting the Android app and reinstalling? 

yes… i’m going to try also deleting the tablo app from roku in case (I don’t think that will make any difference, but you never know).  Any other thoughts?  it’s so strange, I get just about to the end and then it freezes at the syncing.  

UPDATE: the android app has since sync’d but the app via roku is still saying set up not complete.  I don’t really get it given that it was working earlier this afternoon. Any ideas on how to get this thing setup again??  It’s a little frustrating considering I was watching it earlier today.

@Sarah - Send a note to and they’ll get things patched up for you.