Android app doesn't update channel lineup

My channel lineup has two “5-1” channels. When editing my channel lineup with the android application, I deselect one of them and click the back arrow. The application indicates that one “5-1” channel has been removed, but upon exit/re-entry both are still selected.

When I do the same except remove both “5-1” channels, upon exit and re-entry again both “5-1” channels are enabled. It appears that “Edit Channel Lineup” has no affect.

Weird. Have you tried editing the channel lineup from a computer using the Chrome browser?

@Kevin_Ross - Hrm… It’s odd that you have two channels in the same area with the same number. Send us a ticket and we’ll see if we can get this fixed for you:

I submitted a ticket. I tried from Chrome, and while the setting sticks in the browser, two 5-1 channels still show in the guide. Subsequently accessing from Android, I see both channels selected.

There probably going to tell u to uninstall the app and reinstall it. I have gotten that a few times from tech on my Amazon Fire which is Android based. Which usally works.