Android app crashes with audio output change

I receive Tablo app crash notifications every time my audio device changes (even when I’m not using Tablo - this is just where it is sitting in the background as an installed app). When I am driving my car automatically connects to my phone with bluetooth. When I exit the car and bluetooth disconnects, the app crashes. Also, when I have headphones plugged into my phone (again for other apps - not using Tablo at all) and I unplug my headphones, the app also crashes then as well.

There’s at least 3 other treads with this problem in them… now we have a fourth!!

The good news, Tablo seems aware.

Other news, the app did this a couple of versions ago, but I guess it mattered less to people then.

My workaround, force kill the Tablo app (yes, you didn’t know it was running I get it). Problem should go away until the next time you run it.

My app crashes all the time too, Tablo is aware, but this doesn’t seem to be a priority.

OP, out of curiosity, which phone are using?

This is a priority. A fix is in QA at the moment.

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