And The Winner of This Year's Cordie Award Goes To (Envelope, Please)

The “Cordie” Award for 2018 goes to Tablo. Best DVR, results based upon their annual survey. These “awards” and the surveys they’re based upon may not be meaningful to some, but hey! Why not enjoy these little victories and bask in the knowledge that some people are as intelligent (and fortunate) as we Tablo-ites.


I take it Joseph Bejm wasn’t consulted…:wink:


An interesting quote from that article:

“Maybe the biggest surprise was the fact that 69% of our readers said they do not use a DVR. Yet 62.8% of our readers said they use an antenna to watch free over-the-air TV. Once again, for the second year in a row, most of our readers who have an antenna didn’t use a DVR to record content.”

Antenna usage has gone up from 12 million to 16 million in the past 4 years according to the LA Times:

Eight million antennas are projected to be delivered in 2019. This opens up a big market for OTA DVR makers!


Noticed that Grant Hall Nuvyyo CEO was interviewed by the LA Times for this article.

In order to take the Survey, you have to speak a known language. He probably “fills” sorry about that.

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