Anbybody found a way to look at the tabvloTV log files?


I have a four tuner tabolo that is starting to lock up occasionally. I logged a call with tablotv support two days ago but no response. So has anybody found a way to look at the tablotv logs?

Yup, replace yourtabloipaddress with your Tablo’s IP address…

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Thanks That helps. The recv_tvid log file tells me if video .ts files were written OK or not. But I was looking more for linux syslog, messages.log or maybe kernel log files. Which are probably kept internal to the tablo and not on the external drive. The last time it locked up it should not have been recording anything. So it was doing something other than recording when it went away.

I hear that if you run into a support person at the grocery store and offer them $5 million in cash on the spot they’ll give the secret way in. But other than that, no, only support can look at such data.

Tablo support did look at this issue but did not find anything wrong. Then sometime on 12/22/16 the tablo died and would not power up. This ended up being a dead power supply. So the intermittent lockups was most likely the power supply failing. I rigged up a temporary 12V/2Amp supply and its been fine so far.

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Is Tablo replacing your power supply?