Amazon Firestick Error: api:player/watchLive

unexpectedly failed to execute api:player/watchLive with 0 retries

I checked firmware and it is the latest on both the stick and the tablo

Started today with what seems to be the new bug with tablo .28 code with weak signal.  I rebooted the tablo (had to unplug power) and it came up working on all my other devices except the aftv.

@simonots That’s odd. Can you try rebooting the FTV or even uninstalling/reinstalling the app?

It got resolved by reboot/unplug it.  

Just weird, I have same issue described in the weak signal thread on my roku, I then went and tried my other devices. Tablets, pc, fire tv stick.  All recovered after rebooting the tablo box except the stick. 

I guess it needed an extra push over the edge.

Thanks for response though.