Amazon Fire TV - Coming Soon? I hope?

Hey guys

Any plans for an app that works on the new Amazon Fire TV? I’ve currently got a Roku but I’m planning on moving over to the Fire TV and I’m hoping you are going to support it?

If you do have plans, any ETA on that app?



@mserabian We definitely want to look into it but I don’t have an ETA. It would be cool to support but we want to focus on making the boxes we do support more awesome before adding more into the mix. 

Android OS hopefully easy port.

Yes - the fact that it’s running on Android is a plus but it’s designed for an up/down/right/left remote, not a touch-screen interface like our Android app is. Will require some doing to get it to work… 

Looking forward to it. Once Amazon Fire compatibility is released, we’re buying Tablo.

I would agree a “best of breed” approach is desired by users. I returned every Roku I ever owned. I have a superb network and wireless environment that you would find only in medium/large businesses and the Roku’s always hiccuped, especially their wireless implementation. I The Amazon Fire.TV device experience is so far well received, though some people complain about picture quality shadows and I (for one) thing their voice search is not very helpful since it only looks through the Amazon database and nothing else (i.e. Hulu, Netflix), I still think their implementation lives up to their own hype. 

I am trying to decide to cut my cord but not wanting to buy Roku and would like to not have to hold out until Tablo confirms it will or will not develop a TabloTV channel for Fire.TV

We have three Roku’s and two’s.  We are sick of’s lack of support, spotty reliability, and roku interface.  We are intrigued by the quad core Amazon fire and Tablo.  We’ll wait to buy both until they are compatible. 

@TabloTV, Where is Amazon Fire integration on your roadmap?  Come to think of it, where can we find your roadmap? :slight_smile:


@sparkyglass - We haven’t published our roadmap because the short term one hasn’t been finalized. This is something we’re planning to do over the next few weeks.

We do have an Amazon Fire TV in the office but we haven’t gotten much further than, “Well, that looks cool” and “I guess we need a VPN to make this work in Canada.” 

We have a lot of work to do on Chromecast & Roku first but Fire TV is not out of the realm of possibility once we tackle some of the big stuff for our existing ‘streaming box’ support. 

I have a Fire TV and two Roku 3 and I prefer the Fire TV for running Plex (less latency in the interface because of the newer hardware in the Fire).  So, count me as someone that would like Fire TV support.  Hopefully the next Roku will have beefier specs.

Just wanted to add my voice that a native Fire TV implementation would be wonderful. I far prefer my Fire TV to my Roku and Apple TV, the experience is just much better. Having a Tablo app would allow us to use a single box for all of our streaming and broadcast media. I’m considering a Tablo, but am wary of the current Plex integration and I really don’t want to get another Roku just for this.


I’ve got all thee also and I’d LOVE to dump the Roku. The Roku is so popular because Tablo only runs on the Roku if you want to view on your TV. (Sorry, using a two extra devices to stream is ridiculous IMO.)

Nuvyyo’s money would be much better spent working on Fire TV than on the Roku.

Roku probably leads Fire TV by at least an order of magnitude in sales though.  I think you have to support Roku moving forward (not saying that Fire TV isn’t a good idea too).

As of this Feb Roku had shipped 8 million devices…  I like my Fire TV, but there is no way they have sold anywhere near that number.  We’ll never know for sure though since Amazon never breaks out sales numbers on devices.

Moving forward we’re planning to play nicely with as many devices as possible. 

A large majority of our users are also Roku users so we’re not going to abandon that platform at all. In fact, we just hired a new team member to begin an upgrade of the Roku channel. We’re expecting some cool stuff to happen there in the next 6 months.

One of the reasons we did this is so our Android team can focus more on the Android app and Chromecast. We’ll be doing some major updates to it as well which will make it easier for us to port the Android tablet app to Android-based STBs like Amazon Fire TV and the new Google TV. 

Good things are coming. Thanks for your patience :) 

Do you have any updates on Fire TV support? I’m researching the best OTA PVR options and Tablo is at the top of my list right now but lack of Fire TV app is the only thing holding me back.


@xylix Tablo has said end of first quarter. But I did see them say they hope to go to internal testing next week

And good or bad, that means we’ll see it within the month. they appear to test internal for a few days, then beta for a week, ten release.

 I wish they’d beta test LONGER, honestly - most beta should be done easily 2 to 4 weeks but they go to beta and then RTM like just a few days later - not long enough to discover all major issues as we’ve seen. I’d rather they break a promise and spend an extra week or two in beta and work kinks instead of pulling a Micky-Soft and releasing before it’s really truly ready.
in any case, I’m getting a Fire TV stick ASAP, hopefully in the next few days…

@ShadowsPapa, I hear you, but listening to folks on the forums here, they seem more interested in getting the new stuff sooner rather than waiting for extra testing.  Just saying…  I’d say those that want it “now” out number those that would prefer to have a “longer beta period” by at least 2 to 1.

Yet those same “want it now” are among the first to complain of issues that might have been found and want it fixed ASAP. I see that all the time  ;-)

I guess that those who want it now are fine with broken things while we who prefer things that actually work are more systematic and meticulous and more perfectionists. 

Want it now has resulted in WalMart and McDonalds… and is a trait of the generation that followed mine. Want it all and want it now, as Queen sang. 

I can wait 1 more week if it means finding a few bugs and then not having to wait for an unusable patch or version to be fixed. The want it now is why the Android can’t do FF or resume and we now wait longer. Better and easier to catch it the first than - otherwise it gets put back on the list to be fixed with all sorts of other things. 
I prefer products that actually work, myself.

I want it now, and I understand that there will be “discoveries” due to that.