Always records when just watching

for those who don’t pause TV, it doesn’t

Also if you think doing a total format on a USB 2.0 5400 rpm 3 TB HD doesn’t take days, give it a try sometime.

but… they won’t know who will and who won’t until they press pause. and someone may think they won’t until something happens, suddenly just because, for the fist time, they pause TV – so they kinda have to design it one-size-fits-all

Seriously, if you had an understanding how the device functioned, not how you believe it should, it makes sense. I know realize others have and you already decided, so I’ll leave you alone.

WD30EZRX 3.0TB although I don’t recall how long, considerably less than a day, not even an hour and as noted ext4 doesn’t have a quick option.

Since many seem to suspect that tablo uses the ext4 file system, maybe the user could google up lazy initialization for the ext4 file system and see why there might be a background process cleaning up those inodes on large disks. Especially removable disks.

And what might happen if l lazy initialization is turned off during format.

The 30 minute extra isn’t necessarily for pausing tv. I am a strong believer it is there so that you can turn off the tv/device in one part of your home and then continue watching in another part of the home with no interruptions, as well as being able to rewind to any part you missed (though if you are referring to pausing the tv so that you can change to a different device, then it is the same). This is a common DVR function.

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This has only come up so many times because most other DVRs do not have an activity light for their HDD so people have no idea what kind of abuse is happening to the drive.