All Scheduled Recordings Defaulted to Any Channel

What would cause all scheduled Recordings to default to any channel vs the specific I had set up?

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As in you set up a specific channel and now it is set to “Any Channel”?

Did you update your channel list by doing a new channel scan? Did your trial subscription expire and then you renewed it?

Did the show change channels from one season to the next?

Many possible reasons.

Yes I did a rescan. Do this often due to tower repairs and the repack. When a specific channel is locked in, why would a rescan reset to “Any”?

To clarify… All (40+) reverted to “Any”.

Even though I fixed them all tonight, a show didn’t record tonight that I fixed about an hour before the show started.

If you fixed the scheduled recordings, it should have recorded.

But once you fix it, if you check the guide it will show whether the recording is actually scheduled or not. It is boxed in orange. Was it boxed in orange?

Anyway, open a support ticket directly with Tablo Support so they can look at the logs.