All recordings suddenly deleted

I recently purchased a tablo from amazon (less than 30 days ago). I have successfully recording a dozen or so shows and have watched a few of them but suddenly they are now all gone! The cover art is there but the shows say “Player Error Recording file not found on disk.” when selecting them to be played. I am using the tablo with an amazon fire tv and fire stick. I see the same failure on both. The hard drive usage is showing 983.94 GB available. The hard drive is a Transcend StoreJet 1 TB.

Why should I continue using it regardless of paying for the menu guide if this can happen? I just lost $$$ worth of shows!

There’s a reset button you can press quickly to reboot your Tablo.
Just a quick press, don’t hold it down for very long or you run the risk of factory resetting your Tablo, which will definately delete your recordings.
Any chance you held down that reset button a long time already?

This rebooting could fix your problem.
If it doesn’t, open a support ticket:

Sounds like you’re passionate about your TV programs.
I can relate.

No, you didn’t.
They’re free.
And so are their reruns.

Something out of the ordinary has happen. I’ve had my Tablo for 22 months and I’ve never lost all my recordings. I still have the 2014 World Cup final on my Tablo.

@Dale_Wolfe Is there any chance you may have held down the blue reset button down for 6+ seconds (like @Radojevic mentioned)? This would have wipe out all of the recordings and scheduled data on the unit.

If this didn’t happen, feel free to send our support team a ticket so we can see what’s going on.

That’s a pair of radically different functions for one button.
Hello, grandkids. See this button? A short push orders a pizza. A long push initiates global thermal nuclear war (nod to ‘War Games’)…
I guess I’m going to have to put a locked cage around my Tablo before my grandkids get to button-pushing age.

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Kid’s attention spans not long enough for the long hold.
Don’t worry. :wink:

The factory reset function method is changing soon.
It’s already in the current Tablo firmware beta.
There are hand stands, juggling, and reciting War and Peace steps to perform. :wink:

No, the blue reset button wasn’t pushed especially not for 6 seconds. I’m guessing if that happened all the cover art of the recordings would have been gone too?
I’ve opened a ticket and provided all the details requested there.

Just an idea, maybe the HD itself had a problem. Could try running drive diagnostics.