All recordings prevented since 2.2.26 on my 2-tuner model


They are scheduled, and in the Coming Soon list, but then nothing records. No errors. No nothing.

Same unit, USB stick, schedule, etc for years. Only recent change is 2.2.26.

Pre-2.2.26 recordings still play fine.

Live TV does still buffer/rewind normally.

Any suggestions?


If you haven’t rebooted everything (Tablo and router), I would do that first.

If that doesn’t work, then I would unschedule and reschedule all your shows.


Agree with @snowcat , unplug everything and then plug in the modem and let it come back up, then do the router, and then the Tablo. This has happened to me before, and it has fixed my issue.


Are you actually using a USB stick / key with your Tablo? Or is it a USB hard drive?


For years. I only schedule recordings of local news/sports/weather broadcasts, only on one channel, and only watch fresh recordings.

64GB USB3 SanDisk flash stick, used with “Auto-Delete Recordings” mode is perfect

( when the software works as designed ).


If you are really using as flash stick, didn’t the tablotv we site state:

"The following types of storage are NOT supported by Tablo OTA DVRs and may result in failed recordings or frequent buffering:

USB Flash Drives (AKA Memory Sticks, AKA USB Keys)
Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
Internal drives in external enclosures"

So maybe release 2.2.26 finally started working as designed.


Thing is live buffering and new test recordings work well. The existing schedule is just being ignored. I though incorrectly this had been established with clarity.

Everyone appreciates your thoughtful insight.


Aren’t non-manual scheduled recording ignored if you don’t have a subscription or a disk?

It seems like this has been true for a long time and this information is available on the settings page.


You might try deleting all of your scheduled recordings and then go back in and schedule them again.