All Recordings on one Channel "failed"

So very many issues going on with this device. Hoping to get at least some of them resolved before return date this month. Was emailing with support and they stopped responding. On hold now with fingers crossed.

Biggest issue (currently): All recordings on 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 (ABC stations) fail. The reception is excellent (I’ve watched shows as they are supposed to be recording and they are just fine. When I first set the Tablo up it was recording those channels.

Which Tablo are you using? About a year ago I had issues similar and it did turn out to be the position of my antenna was just slightly off. I could watch but the channel wouldn’t record and the failed recording notice would say it was a reception error. I did 2 things. First I felt that the Tablo was running very warm so I switched from an internal drive to an external drive. Second, I spent a bit more time with antenna point adjusting my antenna until it really matched the direction of the stations. I had to move the antenna a bit to accommodate the elements I need to receive my VHF channels. After that, I didn’t have issues with recordings failing due to signal strength.

You may also want to contact the station directly to see if they have reduced power. Some stations think no one is actually watching and they occasionally need to be reminded that there are those of watching OTA, not just with cable or a cable replacement.

Thanks for your reply.

It’s the new and latest version.

As I’ve said, it is not the receiption. And if I am able to watch with no issues at all, but not record, that clearly would be an issue with the Tablo.

Latest response from Tablo: "the majority of your failed recordings were due to reception issues with channel 8.1. At the time of running our diagnostics, the Tablo was unable to receive a signal for this channel at all. But this makes no sense at all being that I have had no trouble at all watching this channel and the others (8.2, 8.3, 8.4). It is NOT a reception issue.

They also told me to complete a new channel scan. I’ve tried numerous times and some of the time it comes up “0 channels found” and now all that happens is that it says “scanning…” and finds. no channels but keeps on scanning. Despite it saying “0 channels found” I can view all previously scanned channels.

I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled app on Roku TV.

Roku users: Do the channel scan using the Tablo app on your smartphone.

The channel scan & selection on the Roku app is pretty much infested with bugs. Tablo should be posting the issue and the workarounds with neon lights and sirens in email blasts & every page of this website! But for some reason, they haven’t. They only sent one email about 10 days ago, and only to existing users as of that day (not any new activations since).

Good info. Thanks.

I’ve received no emails from Tablo. Been registered about a month. Do I have to sign up?

Not sure how much time and energy I’m going to spend on this thing. Seems like they are so close, yet oh so far from getting it together. I’ve never purchased anything with so many issues.

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I’ve only done the initial install with the Android phone app. Installing the app did something weird to the phone and I didn’t try to figure out what happened. So I uninstalled it. Everything else including the “delete all channels except one streamer then rescan” I did on my Roku Ultra. All is good.

You lucked out! Channel setup on our Roku Ultra (2022 model) produced the jumbled lineup.

The “delete all channels except one streamer” is the main part of a fix for when the jumbled lineup DOES happen in Roku - which is why it needs to be done on the smartphone app. It sounds as if in most cases with the Roku, once the jumbled lineup thing occurs, users can’t seem to repair it from within the Roku app. So they’ve got to do it from the phone, and then restart the Roku (or all Rokus connected) to acquire the correct lineup and overwrite the garbled one it created.

Not sure what happened with your android phone and the Tablo app. My Galaxy S21 is good with it.

The phone started giving me a message about choosing some default thing every time I hit the home button. Searches online said it started after they installed some new app and the only fix was to uninstall it. I got very frustrated and wanted to concentrate on the new Tablo so I uninstalled it. Fixed the problem immediately. I didn’t plan to use the app anyway so I’m fine without it.

My phone is going on 6 years old, the battery still lasts 7 days and I plan to use it until the wheels fall off.