All recordings not showing on Roku3 when sorted by most recent

I am seeing 48 shows that are recorded on the web app and only 23 or so on the Roku. I see no shows that are older than last month on the Roku when sorted by most recent. If I sort by A-Z or Genre I do see all. I never had this issue until today. 

@a9erfan - That’s odd. Seems like a synch issue between Tablo & Roku. Have you tried rebooting the Roku? 

@a9erfan - I have observed the same thing, I chalked it up to some shows being older than “Last Month”.  A-Z shows everything.

In the Roku app I would like to browse a list of all recordings just like in the web interface (not the way the Roku A-Z lists them).  I want to be able to scroll down the list to see what is available - not having to stop at a letter to scroll right/left to see all the recordings under that letter.  @TabloTV - is there anything like this in the works for the Roku app?

Yes I did reboot the Roku and If the shows did not show up at all I would think that may help. But if I sort a-z they do show they just do not show when sorted by most recent. I did also reboot the Tablo just in case

+1  I have the same issue with my Roku 3. All recorded shows are on the list if I sort A-Z but sorting by the default Most Recent, only a handful of my recorded shows are appearing.

mbellaire-Yes I agree with your suggestion to change how the Roku recordings are displayed

Hi guys - I’ve sent this thread to our Roku dev. He’ll be looking into this.

@a9erfan @rick @mbellaire

We pushed out an update on Friday, and this was the intended functionality. We don’t consider recordings over one month to be recent, so they’re available once you sort from A-Z instead. 

I think you are considering wrong. I really do not care if recent or not. I just want to see all on one screen and not have to scroll forever. I do like mbellaire suggestion since the previous functional was the best of the poor solutions. His suggestion is much better being able to see all sorting by first letters like the web app does for tv shows or prime time. Until you can do the better way please undo that portion of last Fridays release and then we can see all without too much hunting and pecking. 


The screen is actually a list of recordings. All recordings should be available for each of the 4 Sort options. Sorting items should not add or remove any recordings. It should only re-arrange all recordings in a different order to make it easier to locate something.

There should be a date and time list view. There are many times ( I.e football Sunday ) when shows are pushed back and I have to record shows that follow to get the end of the show. Date and time list view will take the guessing out of what those shows were. This should also be in the scheduled section as it will show us what is recording that day.

I’m seeing something similar, but a little different.  Big Bang Theory recorded at 7pm, I went to Roku at 7:45 or so to watch and it did not show up in recent recordings.  I had to sort A to Z and then I found it.  I rebooted the Tablo, but not the Roku and had no change.  So something seems off with the recent recordings list on Roku.

Definitely agree with Rick above me too.  Re-arrange, do not add or remove when sorting.  

Also, it would be nice when you guys make a change to the Roku functionality, you announce it in an on going thread or new post here so we know.

byb funny thing at about the same time I was looking for something to watch and I did see big bang in the recent view. Pacific time if that matters

I rebooted the roku and checked the other roku I have, neither show big bang in the recent list, but they do have several other shows recorded later last night as recent shows.  So I’ll chalk it up to some random weirdness.