All recordings Library

When I go to “All Recordings” in the library section my Roku app crashes and closes me out back to my Home Screen. Anyone else having similar issues?

What version of Tablo are you running?

What version of the Roku are your running?

They both fully updated?

Using external or internal storage?

It would be good to know all the things that @KimchiGUN asked as well as what Roku model you have and whether this happens every time you access your Tablo on your Roku.

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I know it’s not the exact same thing, but I’ve had a similar issue with recordings since around Jan/Feb, but only on any android or fire device. The Rokus seem to be fine.

My movies tab (as well as All Recordings) will only stay open for so long, or until I start clicking my way around the icons. Then, I’ll get an error message saying “Failed to load … Try Again Later” with the option to Retry or Cancel. My only workaround is to quickly scroll to the bottom immediately after opening the tab and then it seems to stay until I click on a title and then back out.

I’m wondering if there’s a point where the Tablo has too many recordings (in a section) and it is unable to load everything fully. I know another user that had this issue just deleted all their recordings and started all over again! One thought there might be an issue with shows/movies missing poster information, and after deleting all of those it was okay for a while.

I deleted most of my movies (I knew they’d be repeating soon) and this issue disappeared. About a week later it started happening again.

So, I guess my questions for @Faketurd are: Do you have a lot of recordings? Does this happen in any other section?

@TabloTV – you guys have multiple logs for this device, have you seen anything in its weird data that would cause this issue?

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@269587 Are you able to reproduce this now? While we do have a whack of logs, not knowing the ‘when’ will be a bit of a needle in a haystack.

Ideally we’d have you reproduce the issue, tell us when you ran into it, and then pull the logs ASAP.

I’m at work at the moment so I can’t test yet. I do have a lot of recordings because I thought that was the nature of the external hard drive capability. I’m new to this though so I appreciate any assistance. I’ve only had Tablo for a few months.

I can replicate this every time I go into these sections on Android or FireOS. I made sure to test several devices today, so I can verify I’ve had this happen at least 10x on multiple devices.


If you can put your Tablo into remote access mode and give us an approximate time frame of when you were attempting to access those sections we’ll grab those logs.

4-tuner is in remote access mode, and I would check for logs over the past two hours, and about 5 min ago for the latest attempts.

Out of curiosity – and before this latest test – I rebooted the Tablo. I’m still getting those crashes as described, but also something new. On one of the devices, instead of crashing it was it will hang for a second (like it’s going to give me the error message) but after the scary pause it continues.

I will test each device over the next few hours so that I can give you a breakdown of which TVs/STBs and their respective OSes are doing which.

Thank you for looking into this. I’m hoping this will help with the Faketurd’s issue as well!

Edit: This must have been a one-off, because after testing every device, ALL android-based systems are giving the same error message. This includes android mobile.

Almost sounds like it is pre-loading just a few for the first screen, but then loses access when it asks for more, possibly due to a timeout. The quick scroll down let’s it load everything before the timeout.

That’s an interesting take. Although the one device only had a different result for a short time, it does seem like this is a possibility. If I hadn’t been accustomed to it crashing as it hung, it would have felt more like a pause to load more content.

BTW, the “quick scroll” isn’t 100% effective – there are times I might have to hit retry 3-4x before I can get to the bottom.