All NEW recordings failed until I removed and added show again by

All my recordings failed again today. I went to my live tv on the Android app and none of the shows that were new recorded like they were suppose to. They all showed as scheduled but under their respective schedule they showed as BLUE so they would not record even though I had it set to record all new shows. To fix it I had to go through ALL my shows and remove and then add the schedule for the show again.

Wait update… That above fix only started to work for shows that were currently on. When my next set of shows came on NOTHING started to record despite all my shows being NEW.

I had to resort to using torrents for tonight’s shows. It was working great for a month and now all these problems is making it ridiculous.

Any help @TabloSupport

Oh and by the way the recordings never say fail they just don’t show up under recordings or failed.

My mac add is 5087B8005c40

I am having the same issue…HELP!!!

There’s a known issue with recordings actually recording but then not showing up in the recordings list. They are sitting on the HDD and need to be recovered from purgatory. The new 2.2.5 firmware recovers these recordings - it is currently in v2 of beta testing.

Your issue could be different though, are shows previously scheduled to record no longer scheduled when you check them a few days later?

If so, what shows? Are they Live shows where the guide data information might change between scheduling and actual air date?

Also, have you tried updating the firmware on your Seagate HDD yet?

Yes @theuser86 I did update the firmware. It just seems like all the shows were no longer scheduled even though they show as being scheduled. The only live shows that I have scheduled are abc world news. I did another reset of the tablo last night before heading to bed and it did record my late night shows so we’ll see if it works today for me.

Hopefully because I hate having to download shows from the Internet it’s just such a PITA.

@TabloSupport you guys on this yet??

Thanks again @theuser86

@goku18jason - Touch base with the support team so we can get you on the 2.2.5 beta load. We’ve found some users had over 70% of their guide data update in one day which has led to the unscheduling of recordings. There is a fix for this in the beta.

I had the same issue, instead of selecting record NEW, select record ALL until they can resolve it

Most likely this is also why my restored tablo HD backups don’t work. Tablo is not keen on actually looking at the HD to see what it has recorded on it, only what it figures it has on it.