Alerts when things are silently broken

I think Tablo should alert via the app GUI when things are silently broken. For example:

  1. Alert that my guide info hasn’t updated in two months.
  2. Alert about frequent USB disconnects.
  3. Alert about disk being full instead of just failing to record stuff. I had automatic deletion turned off.
  4. Alert that port forwarding is broken for remote access. It pops an alert in the settings, but you have to visit the settings and scroll see the alert.

If its too hard to roll out new versions of all the various apps to alert you of stuff, perhaps you could email the account owner that something is wrong. For example, once my CC was stolen and Tablo sent me an email that my monthly payment had failed (the account was closed). Use this mechanism to tell me my guide hasn’t updated in 2 months.

Its be better to be proactive about failures; I should have known before I missed a ton of recordings and had no live tv guide data that my guide hadn’t updated in two months - its supposed to occur every 2 days according to support so maybe after X failures the Tablo should speak up.

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I’m already married to the alert thingy. :wink:


Haha! Thats precisely the point! Give me a head’s up so I can fix before its a real problem!

I asked for this a long time ago… Probably on the roadmap some place :confused:

I know.
I was silently crying as I wrote my remark.

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