Airplay on iPod

I’m not sure if there’s something I’m missing, or if the option isn’t there, but my iPod never shows me the Airplay icon.  It Airplays other stuff, but not Tablo.  Is this not available on the iPod?

I have the same issue on my iPhone.  I can use airplay by swiping up on the phone and starting airplay via the iPhone menu that pops up, but I don’t get an airplay icon within the Tablo APP.  I see the airplay icon in the Tablo user manual so I am pretty sure it should be there.  I’m hoping maybe you figured it out?  Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Airplay only works from an iPad for the Tablo.  It won’t work from iPhones or iPods.

The ipod/iphone version of the TABLO app is basically a “Web app” … there has been a strong lobby to get TABLO to make it a proper native app and not a web app.

Working flawless this Morning. So it got progressively better over 3 days which tells me there was a problem they were working on. Wonder if they had a huge jump in subscribers for March Madness?

Wrong thread, @roraniel?


Thanks for the replies and help :slight_smile:  I hope that Tablo adds airplay functionality as well as Chromecast functionality to the iOS APPS at some point.  However, for now the iPad APP is working well to airplay and I can cast to my chromecast via my laptop.  Not quite as easy as using my phone as the “remote” for both, but it works.  So far, Tablo is working well as we transition to no longer subscribing to satellite tv.  Enjoying the ability to watch OTA on our mobile devices.

I highly recommend the Roku or Fire TV experience. Roku 3 will be very cheap once the Roku 4 is launched, watch out for deals.

Any indication on when Roku 4 will release?  I thought about signing up for and getting a free roku stick.  However, with rumors of Roku 4, I am currently waiting in hopes of a Roku 3 price drop like you mention.

You DO NOT want any stick…they just are NOT fast enough.  Spend a little bit more and be happier with the Roku 3. The sticks do not have the same processing power as devices. Signing up for Sling and getting half price for a Roku 3 is a better choice.

Good to know, thanks :slight_smile:  I think I am okay right now.  Would be better with a Roku, but it looks like Roku 4 is coming any month now and the next Apple TV appears to be coming a few months too.  I think I am going to try to hold off with my current Apple TV.  Airplay is a bit of a pain, but it works for now, especially since I don’t know any better yet :wink:  I’m hoping for Sling to offer Roku 3 as a free promo when Roku 4 releases, but I’m not counting on it.